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Why you should consider a trip to Ghana

There are three main reasons to visit Ghana, in my opinion:

  • To experience the hustle and bustle in its coastal cities and the exceptional culinary and arts scenes.
  • To visit a truly flourishing African nation and kill the lie of Africa being and land of poverty and strife.
  • To engage with its painful but significant history.

Ghana was a major hub for the Transatlantic Slave Trade, so as African-descended people, my girlfriends and so traveling to Ghana to retrace the emotional, physical, and spiritual journey of our ancestors contributes to the beginning of finding oneself.

Even if you have no ancestral connection, experiencing this side of Ghana’s history is a very important part.

There is a huge selection of things to do and become involved in in Ghana

Ghana is an exciting country that’s worth a visit.  Even if you’re short on time, one week is just about enough to experience the most popular tourist sites in Ghana.  You will have an absolutely amazing time.
Destination Season Kids Score
Sandbox Beach Bar Any Yes 8
Legassi Gardens Any Yes 10
Boti Falls Rainy Yes 8
Cape Coast Castle & Elima Castle Any Yes 10
Kakum National Park Any Yes 7

Be sure to make Ghana your next travel destination soon.

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