The guest will pay promptly for the apartment on the written terms agreed with management.  Guests must pay for a minimum stay of 7 nights, unless waived by management in writing.  Deposits are not refundable, and may be requested from guests staying for 2 weeks or more.

Discounts are given at the discretion of management based on length of stay and purpose of visit.  If a guest reduces their stay from the period agreed in writing with management, for any reason, the agreed discount will be withdrawn and the standard rate instead will apply.

A supplement is payable for any extra person staying in the apartment, to a maximum of 4.  The utilities are included on condition that guests follow management guidelines in ‘Akwaaba’.


Guests staying for any period have a license to occupy the apartment and must allow management unrestricted access for cleaning and maintenance services, on average twice weekly, for the convenience of guests. Reasonable notice will be given before entry when guests are in.  No extra person may stay overnight in the apartment without the prior permission of management.

Guests must maintain the property in good condition, without damage or alteration.

Guests will pay to repair any damages caused during their stay.

Guests must not cause any nuisance or annoyance to other guests, or neighbours.

No pets or animals are to be kept in the apartments.

Guests are presumed to have full knowledge of the current laws of Ghana and will abide by them. For failure to do so, or for any other breach of these conditions, management reserves the right to terminate the license on reasonable notice, without refund.


Next of Kin: Guests must provide management with the name and contact details for their NOK.

Hazards: Guests must comply with the following:

Immediately report any gas leakages to management

Always turn off the gas cooker after use

Immediately report all electrical faults to management

Do not turn on any faulty electrical appliances

Turn off all appliances from the mains when not in use, AND when ‘LIGHT OFF’ occurs.

Place all candles in steady holders, away from all cloth materials

Immediately report the smell of any burning to management

Security: Guests agree to the following:

Exercise caution in inviting people into the apartment, and entertain visitors at the café.

The names of any extra persons staying in the apartment overnight must be given to management and a supplement paid for them.

Management reserves the right to refuse entry to any person.


Guests give their clothes to us for washing and ironing at their own risk and we are not liable for any damage or loss.  Guests leave their property in the apartment at their own risk and we are not liable for any damage or loss.  Personal electric goods are used at the guest’s own risk and we are not liable for any damage.  Food is stored in the fridge at the guest’s own risk and we are not liable for any spoilage due to lack of electricity.  Guests park their cars in the compound at their own risk and we are not liable for any damage or loss.  Guests should have valid and adequate travel insurance to cover any damages or losses during their visit.

We only suggest, and do not recommend, local escorts, tour guides or drivers; and guests use them at their own discretion and risk.






The rent agreed and payable is inclusive of the following services, only on the conditions below:

Inclusive Services

Basic furnishings

Water, mains electricity

Cleaning, washing, gardening, ‘watching’

* Guests must provide soap for all their washing

* Guests are expected to ‘tip’ the workers appropriately, especially those washing and cleaning

* Guests must treat workers with respect

Reasonable maintenance, repairs and decoration

Off-street parking


The utilities are only inclusive in the rent on condition that guests follow the guidelines on their use and conservation set out in the ‘Akwaaba’ information leaflet, read by all guests on arrival. In particular, the water in the over head tanks must not be used for clothes washing, or electric irons or lights left on. Otherwise, a monthly contribution will be paid by guests for utilities.  The overhead water tanks will be refilled with water as promptly as possible in the circumstances.  Generator or solar electricity will be provided, when possible.  Guests will be requested to promptly pay for the costs of repairs to any damage they have caused to any part of the property.


Shop and café

The shop and café are open from Sunday to Friday, but close on Saturday.  Prices for items are displayed, but may vary.  Prompt payment is appreciated.


We have a stand-by generator which Management, at its sole discretion, can put on for up to 4 hours a day when light is off, or longer if specially requested and paid for by the requesting guests.

Management gives no warranty for continuous electricity and accepts no liability for loss or damage caused, including consequential loss or damage, by the lack of electricity at any time. Management may at its sole discretion, make solar electricity available to guests for a reasonable extra charge


Wireless internet can be accessed through your laptop in your apartment, or in the gardens.

Wireless Internet access is available when electricity is provided. When there is a power cut from whatever cause Management will provide generator electricity at its sole discretion and gives no warranty for continuous internet access and accepts no liability for loss or damage caused, including consequential loss or damage, by the lack of internet access at any time. Guests agree to make alternative arrangements for internet access when the wireless internet is not available.

Reasonable usage, including checking e-mail, is recommended as excessive downloading of films and music may incur further charges.

Vehicle & Driver Hire

Prices depend on distance and frequency of use.

Daily and weekly rates are negotiable.

The driver’s tip is standard.


We can introduce you to a friendly local companion, but this person is not a trained tour guide. We can introduce you to a professional tour guide, but offer no warranty as to his/her competence.  Please pay expenses and tip your escort or guide whenever he or she takes you out.

Left Luggage

Guests leave their luggage in the apartment after they have checked out at their own risk. Any luggage which is not collected within 28 days from the guest’s departure will be disposed of as follows- the clothing will be donated to a local charity; any personal documentation will be taken to the guest’s national Embassy, or retained in storage for no longer than 12 months before being destroyed.